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Businesses today know that in order to survive -- and thrive -- they must become an E-business.

By allowing OneAPPS to manage the Migration activity, the customer gets the advantage of refined set of phases, processes and tasks, supported by its deliverable templates and project Workplans, which saves you from reinventing the wheel by guiding your team through all aspects of the migration. Quality control checkpoints are built into the project Workplan which is an integral part of our Oracle E-Business Suite Applicatons Migration Methodology.

Periodic management reviews and acceptance points ensure that migration efforts stay aligned with the project plan and the organizations business objectives.

Definition of Migration:

"A migration is any change that transforms your hardware and/or software architecture to a new state. Therefore, a software upgrade is a type of migration, but is limited in scope and impact. A migration can include moving to a new hardware environment or user interface environment in addition to an application software upgrade" - ORACLE EMM White Paper.

There are some good, genuine benefits to be gained from moving up to 11i. These include:

  • More effective management through better access to information such as daily reporting and enhanced BI tools; 
  • Self-service functionality leading to reduced cost of transactions, 
  • Reduced networking costs and geographical dependence through internet enabled applications. 
  • Reduced cost of ownership through client-server, browser based implementation 
  • Closer integration of applications allowing collaboration across your corporation. 
  • Natural move to CRM integration improving customer service 
  • Ease of consolidation of instances leading to cost reduction 

Technical Upgrade Roadmaps

  • OneAPPS offers Functional and technical upgrade roadmaps in the following areas: 
  • 10.7, 11.0.3 to 11i 
  • 11.5.x to 11.5.10 
  • Single-node to Multi-node 
  • Operating System Changes (e.g. HP to Sun, Sun to Linux) 
  • Database Upgrade (8i, 9i, 10g) 

Upgrade Services

OneAPPS offers a comprehensive portfolio of upgrade services for Oracle version of 10.7, 11.0.3 or 11.5.x

  • Complete fixed price upgrade 
  • Health Check Assessment workshop 
  • Apps DBA service 
  • Technical/Functional/Testing service 
  • Post-upgrade support 

Discover OneAPPS Advantage for E-Business Suite Migrations.


Because OneAPPS allows your organization to select the strategy, techniques and tasks appropriate for your migration.


Based on the rich experience from the simplest upgrade to complex migrations involving technical architecture changes, OneAPPS is highly scalable for any kind of challenging Migrations in any environment. OneAPPS greatly reduces the complexity for the customer by helping the customer IT team in Project management, Planning the effort and providing the scalability that each unique situation demands.

Structured Framework

OneAPPS uses project phasing to include quality and control checkpoints and to allow co-ordination of project activities throughout the migration.

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