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OneAPPS is a Young, dynamic organization expanding its boundaries and reach with a rapid pace. Career ladders are long-term career progression pathways that show individuals how to advance, particularly in high Salary, high growth fields such as Information Technology. As a framework for your career progression, OneAPPS charts out a stable and aggressive growth plan for every OneAPPSian.

We sense opportunity, build a plan, drive results for you to achieve your career goals.

Career Mapping @ OneAPPS demonstrates to employees that OneAPPS cares about the advancement potential of every OneAPPSian and want to see everyone succeed. At the same time, this helps OneAPPS to build a loyal workforce that's dedicated to making a contribution to OneAPPS now and in the future. Within this context, career growth planning at OneAPPS must been be seen as a constant evolution towards an agreed general plan.

At OneAPPS the Management and the Managers, provides critical guidance to employees through career mapping. With this process, we collaborate with individuals in our team to set long-term objectives and detail the steps required to accomplish them. This involves a technical path and, if you wish, a managerial path. Training and project assignments are devised with this career structure in mind. There are always opportunities for development at OneAPPS, as we continue to increase the company's business more senior staff will be required.

There are several career stages at OneAPPS which are listed below. Some members of OneAPPS wants to progress in the Technical stream and some want to shift to the Management cadre. OneAPPS encourages employees to achieve individual goals of it Employees by identifying the roadmap.

 Technical Stream - Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3.

 Management Stream Career Stage 1, 2 & 3.

The Career Development and Mapping process allows you to discover you do have choices and the ability to create a life plan full of growth, change and prosperity as you to

 recognize your strengths and values,

 get in touch with your dreams,

 set achievable short and long-term goals,

 commit yourself to change and growth.

For more information on career Mapping and Development please feel free to get in touch with our HR Dept or send a mail to