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Training and Development of an individual is of vital importance at OneAPPS. It enables our employees to keep pace with the rapid changes in the marketplace and gives us a competitive edge. To enable our employees, OneAPPS provides opportunities for training and educational experience -- all designed to improve competence, expand knowledge and skills, and prepares employees for new opportunities within the Organisation. This approach is personalized according to a realistic career path plan that is formulated between each OneAPPSian and the corresponding Manager, based on both personal and organizational goals.

Different training models that OneAPPS adopts are:

In-House Calendar scheduled trainings

For our most popular skills, we have developed a set of in-house training modules. These incorporate standard reading, specially tuned practical examples and access to relevant OneAPPS training experts.

External Agency Training

For some niche skills OneAPPS hires industry accepted professional trainers to help our employees to upgrade the necessary skill levels. These trainings are conducted either in the premises of OneAPPS or in the External agencys premises.

Self study courses, videos and books

We have a large library of material including textbooks, videos, cassettes and computer based training. Many of our staff prefer self study because they can go at their own pace (which tends to be faster than that of taught courses).

External courses and seminars

These are normally fee paying courses, but some courses and seminars are provided free by vendors as part of their marketing.

Practical training & research on new technologies

This is a very important element and serves to reinforce the training material. This is applicable when we are using software products which are new on the market or yet to be released stage.

Technical Briefing Meetings with Industry experts and Technology Partners

When we have several staff to train on the same subject, we can organise special technical briefings for our employees. This could be on the Technology stream or on the Management stream to enable employees to achieve their career growth plans.