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Enterprise Information Portals are a secure, Web-based interface that provides a single point of integration for and access to information, applications and services for all people involved in the enterprise - including employees, partners, suppliers, shareholders and customers.

Enterprise Information Portals are also called Corporate Portals or Enterprise Portals. They provide ready access to information from the Data Warehouse or Data Marts via the Intranet and Internet. But the attraction of Corporate Portals is that they can move beyond the delivery of information as discussed above. They also provide a way to integrate the many disparate systems and processes that are typically used within an enterprise.

Our Enterprise information portal development services are backed with a rich experience in the implementation of portal solutions from all essential perspectives connected with public or commercial organization's information system architecture. Using the technology concepts of Oracle9i/10GAS and Portal suite, we satisfy customer's requirements of uniform access to information resources and services, user interface integration, mechanism of single sign-on, publication, distribution, Data and content sharing within an organization. We have methodology, standards, project document samples and lots of re-usable components for faster implementations.

Different Types of portal solutions that OneAPPS offers
  • Enterprise information portals, which connect people with information
  • Enterprise collaborative portals, which provide collaborative computing capabilities of all kinds
  • Enterprise expertise portals, which connect people with other people based on their abilities, expertise, and interests
  • Enterprise knowledge portals, which combine all of the above to deliver personalized content based on what each user is actually doing.

The whole implementation of portal solutions consists of walkthrough sequences of separate analytical and implementation services.

The scope of services involves:

  • configuration and customization of portal environment
  • security of communication within portal
  • development of custom applications or services in the form of portlets
  • implementation of Login server as a component for single sign-on
  • implementation of single sign-on mechanism
  • fast conversion of existing web applications into form of portlet
  • conversion of existing webs application into partner or external application related to Login server and mechanism of single sign-on

The quality deployment of an Enterprise Information Portal by OneAPPS includes the following features:

  • Integration
  • Personalization
  • Business Intelligence
  • Content management
  • Collaboration

Discover the benefits of implementing an Enterprise Information Portal