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Every aspect Business processes is dependent on IT today. And today, it's IT's job to run the business, not just babysit the Application infrastructure.

It is virtually impossible for any organization to run its business with out having implemented a superior cutting edge technology to manage their business. That is the reason why forward organizations invest in IT and

We provide offerings for the ongoing management, maintenance and support of all your custom-developed applications. Our services are designed to increase the overall value of your custom applications while reducing the cost of maintaining them. 

OneAPPS will provide its services, along with standard and proprietary (software) products, to continuously monitor and repair any failure or stoppage of the smooth operations of the Customer's Business Applications, also known as Production Runs. This service will be provided both from Customer's site as well as from OneAPPS Technology sites in India, on a 24/7 basis, as required for the operation of the applications based on our Global Delivery Model.

OneAPPS teams will be supporting the applications on a continuous and ongoing basis. Whenever a fault is reported to the OneAPPS team, they will provide an immediate rectification (called workaround) within a limited timeframe, so that the application can continue its processing with minimum interruption. Later, the fault will be analyzed in detail in an offline mode, and a permanent solution will be incorporated and tested.

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Application Management Lifecycle
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