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Enhancing values to our Customers, Employees & Shareholders

The goal of our Customer Value Enhancement (CVE) Model

Our goal of customer value Enhancement (CVE) model is to deliver optimal value to customers -- to align business metrics, improvement programs, capabilities, processes, organization and infrastructure with customer-defined value. In other words, to create the kind of business that can deliver to customers exactly what they want. The reward for making this investment is sustained and increasingly profitable relationships, potentially the most enduring asset in today's ever-changing business climate.

We believe in the fact that sustainable and profitable growth is achieved by aligning our company with customers - focusing resources in critical areas and delivering a "package" that best meets customers' priorities.

The drivers behind our CVE approach

One of the biggest problems that organizations are facing today is how to attract, retain, manage customers and attain growth, often in an environment where services and prices among competitors are moving steadily closer together.

OneAPPS uses the unique CVE approach to identify the "value" we can deliver, not only with world class Enterprise Business Solutions but also through processes and services. We engineer our business capabilities to deliver "ideal" customer-defined value at each stage of our delivery.

Because of the fast introduction of new technologies and resultant rapid changes in customers' perceived "needs" and "values", OneAPPS has created this approach so we can continuously monitor and maintain alignment between our customers' vision of "ideal value delivery" and the capabilities of the business to deliver that value.

Our Customer Value Enhancement Model
Organizational Value Alignment