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Your Legacy applications giving you a headache!!! Let OneAPPS relieve you from the pain.

The business Challenge

Legacy applications have evolved over time and have catered to the various business scenarios, market changes, and regulatory laws and rules. Other changes, as dictated by the hardware and software platforms, also bring about changes in these applications.

As is commonly observed, such applications would have:

  • very little up-to-date documentation in the form of functional requirements, design specifications, etc. - or as is more likely, none at all
  • made compromises on the purity of design principles, as originally envisaged
  • deviated from the standards that were used at the time of developing the application
  • minimal in-line comments within program units and change history

Modernisation includes more sophisticated techniques than the use of simple screen-scraping to provide legacy-based services, including even the customer-assisted extraction of models from old code and the automatic generation of more modern systems.

Our world-class business and IT consulting experts can work closely with your company to evaluate your legacy portfolio and help you identify the areas most likely to benefit from these services. Through our best-of-breed talent, you gain access to intellectual capital and best practices while reducing development costs. In fact, you can even realize an increase in productivity for application development projects while improving your business performance through the changing demands of your marketplace.

Internet Computing offers the strengths of both computing paradigms; it allows the rich user experience for which graphical applications are known, increases accessibility to the application, yet at the same time reduces the cost of application administration and maintenance. Server-based deployment moves the application complexity off the desktop onto scaleable, professionally managed application servers. In this manner applications are accessible from any client platform capable of running a standard Internet browser. The Internet Platform combines the advantages of both the character mode and client/server worlds, allowing organizations to deploy enterprise-class applications with increased accessibility and improved ease-of-use for the end-user.

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