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Q: When was OneAPPS founded?

A: 1999

Q: Where is OneAPPS headquartered?

A: Bangalore, India

Q: Does OneAPPS have other major offices?

A: Yes. In addition to our Bangalore Head office, we have other branch offices in Chennai and Singapore

Q: How many people does OneAPPS employ?

A: Approximately 140

Q: What does OneAPPS do?

A: OneAPPS provides Enterprise Application Engineering, Managed Services , Application Development, ERP Implementation, Upgrade and Optimization, CRM Implementation, Business Analytics and Intelligence, Oracle Technology Services to its customers.

Q: Does OneAPPS focus on a specific market segments?

A: OneAPPS has built its services to map to the specific needs of the mid-market and Large cap market and has expertise in the following vertical areas: manufacturing/distribution, healthcare/pharmaceuticals, services, banking & financial services, the software industry and public sector (government, not-for-profit, higher education).

Q: How many customers does OneAPPS have?

A: OneAPPS more than 70+ customers and growing.

Q: Why should I join OneAPPS and what are the best things about working for OneAPPS?

  • Exhilarating Work Environment. With a truly global mind set, OneAPPS thrives on sharing information across borders and businesses in working environments that foster open, honest and direct communications.
  • The opportunity to climb the corporate ladder aggressively and organically
  • The ability to use your Educational background to solve real world problems.
  • A wide variety of projects, customers and technical skills.
  • Excellent training programs to develop and enhance the skills of every OneAPPSian.
  • The chance for dynamic career development in both technical and managerial directions.
  • Competitive salaries and allowances that will keep pace with your career's growth.

Q: How is OneAPPS different from other service providers?

  • Global Clientele
  • State-of-the-art, dedicated development and support centers
  • Breadth of Service
  • Faster ramp up of project teams and other resources
  • Stable work force
  • Knowledge base
  • Strong partnerships
  • Talented, experienced and skilled IT professionals
  • Global Resource model ensures 24X7 Support, development & Delivery

Q: Who are the Technology partners of OneAPPS?

A: Our Technology partners include Oracle (including PeopleSoft, JD Edwards and Siebel), IBM and I2 Technologies

Q: What quality process standards does OneAPPS support?

A: OneAPPS follows SEI/CMM and the ISO standards.

Q: How might my career progress?

A: Due to the variety of large sized projects, big customers and the expansion of the business, there are constant opportunities to progress at OneAPPS both technically and managerially. Please see our Career Mapping pages for more information. To see how this has worked in action, see the Career Examples showing how several of our employees have progressed at OneAPPS.

Q: What training can I expect?

A: As part of our long term commitment to staff and their careers, we have put in place an extensive training system. This is tuned both to the individual and to business needs and is aimed at increasing both the depth and breadth of your technical and professional experience. To fully develop our staff we allocate 15 days training per year, 2 times the industry average.

Q: Where will I be working?

A: You will work either in our Corporate office or one of our Branches which are spread geographically. Projects are either based in our offices or at the customer site, usually within 45 minutes travel off the branch. Occasionally you will be asked to travel further to a customer, to travel abroad for meetings or short assignments or stay during the week at a remote customer.

As we are on an expansion spree we would be opening new branches in the US & Australia, and we can consider accommodating transfers between branches for staff who wish to move.

Where is the company going?

With the stability of 20 years profitable business behind it, OneAPPS is currently expanding rapidly. Our plans are to double in size over the next years. To do this we will retain our business focus of providing excellent software services to scientific and engineering organizations and growth will be achieved through the opening of new branches and significant expansion at our existing branches.

To achieve these ambitious plans we will need to recruit significant numbers of excellent quality staff. It will also mean that staff in the company get increasing opportunities for interesting projects, technical development and managerial responsibility.

How are projects organised?

Projects can either be managed by an OneAPPS Project Manager or by the customer. For projects managed in-house we use our well established ISO-9000/ SEI CMM Quality Management System. At OneAPPS we take great pride in doing things correctly, and making sure the project is well organized and well run with a degree of control appropriate to the type of solution and size of project.

For projects managed by customers you will learn of alternative ways of running projects and often bring back good practice that can be used to enhance our techniques and procedures.

You will always have a Line Manager who is responsible for supporting you and ensuring your career is progressing as you would like. Your Line Manager will make sure your training is planned and appropriate, support you in your career path, conduct your annual appraisal and arrange regular individual meetings at which you can raise any issue of concern.

What are the benefits of working for OneAPPS?

Joining OneAPPS not only allows you to work in a challenging environment with like-minded people who have a similar background to your own, but also allows you to develop professionally whilst utilizing your academic and technical skills.

  • In addition to a competitive salary, we offer our India based staff:
  • Assistance with relocation expenses (wherever appropriate)
  • Employee Provident Fund Scheme
  • Performance linked Bonuses and Allowances
  • Contribution Based Incentives
  • Free Life Assurance
  • Medical Insurance
  • In many cases we offer an Interest free loan depending on the eligibility condition repayable over a period of year
  • A variety of experience and rapid promotion

How do I apply?

Please use our On-Line Application Form or e-mail your CV/Resume to