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Product Consulting and bootstrap support

ISV's in the SME sector have faced the dilemma and the decision challenges in converting a great product idea into a product in a situation where time to market reigns supreme. Resources are scarce, processes are not in place or are immature, rapid prototyping and piloting have to be undertaken to test concepts and validate assumptions. To ride through this difficult phase one can either rely on a big-ticket business consulting firm or the end-to-end product engineering services provider. OneAPPS fills in the latter space.

  • OneAPPS will come in as a partner willing to invest in the future of your product. We have in the past helped customers in shaping up product expectations, gap assessments, rapid prototyping and establishing processes and development standards
  • OneAPPS will provide you funding options that will not bundle you with a huge development bill even before you had a chance at getting back your initial investments on the product. Funding options provided so far can be a combination of fixed price project remuneration. Shared revenues and stock options.
  • Technology Decisions are of paramount importance in Product development. OneAPPS has found itself addressing the crucial question of the technology direction that a software product should take in the future. At stake are factors like Cross Platform Independence, Maintainability and Scalability and Performance characteristics of the chosen technology platform. All this will have a crucial say in the success or failure of a product.

Continuous Innovation and Product Sustenance

As software products mature in the market the need for continuous innovation becomes imminent. Since this is a core business activity, ISV's find themselves in a situation wherein they have to channel a major chunk of their time in continuously planning, architecting and building application enhancements for their products. Delivery schedules are crucial in ensuring that the product stays a step ahead from the market. OneAPPS fits seamlessly in such a scenario by complementing the innovation process by rapid implementation and product enhancement services. For ISV's the direct benefits of partnering with OneAPPS in this phase is:

Quick response time and time-to-market efficiencies

  • ISV's become market driven rather than production driven
  • De-risking the production process by ramping up (or down) capacities without overheads
  • ISV's are ahead of their clients due to delivery efficiencies. This means greater customer loyalty

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