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OneAPPS offers cost-effective services to Steer IT who intends to outsource their product development. Perfectly suited for extensive offshore/Offsite product development and remote product support, OneAPPS focuses on Rapid Product Development to meet "time to market" requirements of Steer IT. With an eye on the long haul, and a dedicated offshore project team, OneAPPS offers Steer IT a trustworthy, relationship that grows and is beneficial to both.

Delivering high quality value

A lot more can be achieved within IT budgets as a result of our extremely competitive cost structure, made possible through our extended resource center in India housing 100 software professionals

Delivering value to you

OneAPPS ensures that the solution perfectly complements existing business strategies, practices, structures and vision, thereby ensuring that you receive solutions beyond your expectations

Delivering value through processes

A company practicing ISO 9001-2000 standards with a CMM certification lined up in the near future, systems and processes are based on its experiences and continuously evolving with every engagement.

Better value for money 

Our competitive cost structure enables you to achieve more with your IT budgeting. Clients can select specific skill sets they require for their offshore software development project

Total value

With solutions that complement your business strategies, practices, structures and vision

Quality processes

Our offshore product development services like any of our services, ensures that clients get the best, with high-quality standards that we follow as part of its formal ISO 9001-2000 certification process. The process are designed to optimize utilize time and resources


OneAPPS possess the latest infrastructure that will support distance communication and remote development activity

Skill sets

OneAPPS has a diversified pool of skilled professionals with expertise in the latest language and software. OneAPPS ensures that our developers are kept updated through intensive training sessions and an environment that fosters individual achievement and learning. Clients can select specific skill sets they require for their offshore product development projects

Robust practices

Such as code reusability, guarantee round the clock service and incredible response times all add up to incredible flexibility

Strong project management techniques

Our project managers are an experienced group of professionals, possessing excellent communication skills and proficiency in MS Project. OneAPPS has specific communication norms and an internally developed bug tracking system Issue Management System that offers clients enormous advantages

Why are we different?

We understand Product Development.

We understand team composition; we understand short development cycles; we understand the need for feedback in alpha and beta releases; we understand product architecture that is both robust as well as flexible; we understand what it means to launch a company let alone a product.

When you partner with us, you get a value that is greater than the sum of the individual parts. We count our intellectual property in our people and processes. Our R&D is directed at tools and infrastructure. When we make technology recommendations, it is based on value for the lifetime of the product as well as on the immediate business needs.

We also understand the value of client intellectual property. With every single one of our clients trusting us with their core IP, protecting and preserving this trust is our #1 priority.

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