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Implementations of the Oracle E-Business Suite are not undertaken lightly. The effort and expenditure involved means a compelling business case has to be made, typically based on medium to long term benefits. The focus often becomes the 'GOLIVE' and the resolution of technical issues rather than realizing business benefits.

Post go-live, focus inevitably shifts to new projects and sometimes the potential benefits of an integrated suite of applications are not fully realized. Users may find themselves working with decisions made before the full capabilities of the Suite were fully understood.

Once the system has been up and running for a time, there is a strong case for a formal review of the set-up and use of Oracle E-Business Suite to:

  • Deliver the full benefits promised in the original business case

  • Address evolving and emerging requirements

  • Identify areas of untapped functionality that could be better exploited

Oracle Applications is extremely flexible and functionally rich software and requires great care in its implementation. Thereafter, most organizations are dynamic and, periodically, the set up of the system should be reviewed for continued effectiveness.

An ORACLE ERP Health Check is an important first step to identify how much of your ERP systems are being leveraged and assess where additional value can be gained.

Whether you are a new Oracle user or have had your Oracle based system for some time, it is always useful to have your system Audited by experts to see if there are improvements that can be made.

Usually, these improvements involve just a small amount of work but can bring big improvements in system performance and user satisfaction.

The Three stages applicable for OneAPPS Health Check Audit Services.

OneAPPS Approach to Health Check and Audit your Enterprise Applicaitons

What all we cover in health check Audit Service?

Deliverables of the Health Check Audit service