What all OneAPPS health check Audit Service covers? PDF Print E-mail
The review covers the following areas common to most implementations but is flexible enough to be scaled and adapted to your particular situation.




User capability

Business process review

Patch level

User perception

Set-up/configuration review (against documentation and best practice), Functional usage

Technology stack

Ongoing training


New starter

Application security


Existing set-up "nuisances, If any"

Server configuration & current usage.

Points of pain for users

Schema review, State of the data

Inbound/ Outbound Interfaces

License model review

New functionality analysis

Custom Forms, Reports, Outputs


Support processes internal helpdesk

Performance tuning (indexes, configuration, concurrent manager setup etc.)


TAR resolution via Oracle Metalink

Workflows, Flex Fields value sets, lookups, Triggers, etc

Underlying patterns

Printing (e.g. fax, etc.), Folders


Backup/purge analysis

DBA services

Review of production of pre-production test workloads in order to identify resource intensive

Review of current systems management procedures

Identification of actual and potential issues together with recommendations for their resolution

Review of High-level review of the architecture in place

Why Health check Oracle Applications?
The Three stages applicable for OneAPPS Health Check Audit Services.
OneAPPS Approach to Health Check and Audit your Enterprise Applicaitons
Deliverables of the Health Check Audit service