Market & Business Drivers for CPM implementation: What is it that drives businesses to success? PDF Print E-mail
The major market drivers are the need for better visibility into current results coupled with the demands of the new era of corporate accountability. These are the main business drivers that can be used to justify investment in performance management. CEOs/ CIO's /CFOs also want to shift the focus of the finance function to value added activities, and OneAPPS offers Corporate Performance Management solutions to make this a reality. So the time really is right for the CFO to become the executive sponsor of performance management initiatives

By setting goals and monitoring key performance indicators, successful enterprises instill a performance management culture throughout their organization, with continuous monitoring and analysis driving corrective actions when necessary.

Another compelling reason for CPM is change management. It's not easy for people to change what they have been doing for years. They could be concerned about their job security or reluctant to change what seems to work well enough. They may also feel more empowered with the current methods because they know how to do it well, and there is reliance on their skills. By providing strategy maps that clearly communicate what should be done and score cards that tell how well it's being done, employees will be compelled to make changes if necessary Score cards that reflect how well employees are doing are a powerful motivator for change.

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