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We specialize in evolving intelligent business technologies including business intelligence (data warehousing, business analytics, and real-time processing), enterprise portals, and enterprise business integration.

We have reputation for our in-depth technical expertise and for helping our clients exploit modern information technologies to optimize and improve the efficiency of their business operations.

For companies seeking to exploit new and evolving intelligent business technologies, we:

  • Help companies integrate intelligent business applications into the operational business process.
  • Help CEOs, CIOs and architects identify and design an infrastructure that can support an intelligent business.
  • Help architects and designers to compare, evaluate, and select new technologies and tools.
  • Help implementers incorporate new technologies into their in-house IT environments.

The current demands of doing business require software that supports decision-making processes designed to improve operational efficiency and the alignment of the organization with its strategic goals. OneAPPS helps you to meet all of these needs.

Simply put, business intelligence is the crystal ball of the 21st century.

  • A BI system must be built on top of a scalable infrastructure
  • Corporate performance optimization employs data warehousing, BI tools, and packaged analytical applications
  • BI is being used to optimize day-to-day business operations
  • BI systems and transactional systems are becoming more integrated
  • Actionable analytics enable an organization to become an intelligent business
  • Corporate performance optimization applications require an integrated BI framework

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