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Why would you want to consider deploying CPM solution? Some reasons include the potential to dramatically reduced operation costs, reduced lead times, streamlined outsourcing, improved performance visibility, better management of global operations, faster time-to-market, exceeded customer expectations, and so on
  • Improved consistency, as fewer issues are inadvertently overlooked and everyone is operating with the same information to achieve a common end;
  • lower training costs for new staff;
  • Paperless office is possible, if desired;
  • Increased productivity;
  • Continuous process improvement, as one can tweak processes as needed, and institute lean concepts even in white collar, "ivory tower" environments; and
  • Reduced organizational stress and frustrations, by preventing many errors and resolving exceptions that typically fester unnoticed.
  • Reduce product design time by 50 percent, resulting in faster time-to-market, more competitive products, and increased revenue;
  • Reduce order time by 80 percent, leading to cost savings, improved customer satisfaction, and revenue gains; and
  • Help organizations achieve efficiency gains of 60 percent in call centers, resulting in improved asset management, reduced customer service costs, and improved customer satisfaction.
  • Improve management control by automating processes and enforcing business policies. Management dashboards also assist executives in spotting problems earlier, through greater visibility of critical business information.
  • Automatically assimilates and handles very large amounts of data from your operational systems 
  • Increases end-user participation and enterprise collaboration yet reduces cycle times 
  • Enables core metrics for profitability and performance to be tracked consistently and accurately 
  • Delivers the perceptiveness and agility needed for effective decision making 
  • Provides unlimited, dynamic "what if" capabilities without any IT intervention 
  • Allows rapid model development and quick and easy altering as the business evolves

CPM can streamline business processes within and between systems, because it is a mix of workflow, EAI, and application development that makes it easier for companies to codify current processes, automate their execution, monitor performance, and make "on-the-fly" adjustments to improve the processes.

OneAPPS will help you: 

  • Get at the information you need contained in different systems
  • Run your own reports without the assistance of IT
  • Get a contextual view to a complex problem
  • Look at industry best practices and compare them to your own
  • Get information you need in an instant

A CPM system can help a company strengthen the links between its strategic objectives and the metrics that support them; improve communication among its departments, for example by leveraging Web-based functionality; and tie individual employees' effort more tightly to the organization's overall goals.

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