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The proposed operating model being offered balances skills and activities between the Offshore and Onsite locations to ensure that any solution required is provided in as little time as possible. The proposed model combines an efficient, proven development capability offshore with a highly skilled and experienced, client focused team at the client's site. OneAPPS ensures that
  • The team assigned for the project shall be having relevant domain knowledge to execute their roles effectively
  • The available relevant knowledge shall be distributed amongst more than one individual by the following means
    • Documentation of the acquired knowledge
    • Rotation of people across different application areas
  • This will reduce the dependency on a specific person for an application
  • OneAPPS has a large pool of manpower from which people can be drawn for this project whenever an emergency situation arises
  • As and when required shadow resources, will be available for smooth running of the operations, at no extra cost to the customer.
  • OneAPPS has effective processes built based on its past experiences. These could also be shared with the customer for their benefit.
  • OneAPPS has the experience of working on multiple platforms.
  • This will help the customer lower the overall cost of staffing.

Benefits to the customer

  • Improves quality and speed-tomarket of custom e-business applications
  • Maintains and enhances the effectiveness of custom legacy applications
  • Provides leading-edge and scarce resources on an as-needed basis
  • Offers flexible services to address your business needs

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