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The outsourcing environment always includes a blend of productivity improvement and cost saving. Hence our methods have been tuned to avoid unnecessary work, get the output right first time, avoid problems from occurring rather than just fixing them, and to increase the productivity of support personnel.

The proposed model has helped many customers achieve dramatic improvements in support quality and productivity.

OneAPPS has been successful in this market place for three reasons:

  • OneAPPS has used specific technical knowledge, skills and processes to improve application service while reducing cost.
  • OneAPPS has operated with a sound understanding of business processes, which supports the delivery of business value rather than simply high technical quality.
  • OneAPPS values applications from a business perspective as well as a technical perspective, which has led OneAPPS to focus its efforts in the most beneficial areas.
  • All OneAPPS support centers have smaller manpower strength with decentralized decision making and operations. This enables quick and independent decision making which is necessary for giving prompt and adequate attention to the Customers needs.

Many of our engagements require us to substantially improve service, and at the same time provide cost savings to Customers. OneAPPS has done this by introducing working processes and practices that lead to a medium to long term increase in the overall quality of the application under consideration.

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