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Remote Managed Services includes a unique combination of proactive and preventative monitoring to ensure the highest possible level of system performance and availability.

These recommendations are provided in a prioritized order:

  • Immediate Action Identifies serious issues that pose a known risk to database health, potentially leading to downtime or unacceptably poor performance. Recommended Action
  • Identifies actions that would improve the overall efficiency and/or performance of the database and to prevent future/potential database risk or failure. Administrative Action
  • Identifies actions that will improve database processes and organization, i.e., non-critical items that are helpful or represent best practices, but do not significantly impair the overall performance or stability of the database.

Performance Optimization

A core element of our Remote Managed Services offering is the optimized performance of system and Oracle database. Our technical experts monitor critical system parameters on a scheduled basis and perform all the necessary but often overlooked tasks vital to system performance such as data base index monitoring, table reorganization and resizing, and even full system backups for recovery purposes.

We offer database and SQL tuning services. We gather critical performance data that provides us with effective information for tuning your database systems. Upon request, our DBAs can also give you hands-on help to optimize database performance. Our DBAs can analyze your database hardware and software to:

  • Enhance system performance through load-leveling, SQL tuning, and other tasks
  • Maximize CPU, disk I/O, network I/O, and other critical system resources
  • Resolve row chaining, database chaining, and free list contention issues
  • Optimize file layouts
  • Reorganize and defragment your database
  • Cluster your indexes

Our Oracle DBA specialists leverage automated Oracle tools to monitor your system performance continuously and can apply minor fixes to ensure system availability and top performance.

OneAPPS supports the most popular versions of the UNIX operating system including Solaris, HPUX, AIX, and Linux with support for Microsoft Windows NT and Windows 2000.

Online Information PORTAL

Each client is assigned a username and password for online viewing of the data and the ongoing monitoring activities. The client can also view the reports and the status of the activities.

Our secure business portal is available on a 24/7 365-day basis and provides our customers with the following online system reports:

  • Account Management Tracking
  • Job Reporting
  • Database Trend Analysis Graphs
  • System Management Graphs
  • Database System Reports
  • Database Management Graphs
  • ERP Management Graphs (If applicable)

Standardized Process

Without a standardized process, every database becomes a unique and customized installation. Database server availability can be impacted if each database is configured in a nonstandard manner. OneAPPS insures that every database installation is fully documented with listings of the major configuration parameters, task list spreadsheet, tablespaces, and datafile paths, a periodic processes spreadsheet and overall implementation diagrams.

Change management

This service provides effective communication and control processes to manage any application and/or system configuration changes to be introduced to the production environment. Objective of change management process is to minimize the impact of technical changes to end users and business processes.

Technical Changes Included in Change Management are:

  • Oracle Database software patch upgrade.
  • Oracle database software bug-fixes.
  • changes recommended by Application team/Oracle

Production Control: Provide the planning, co-ordination, implementation and monitoring of changes affecting Oracle based production application

Configuration and system change: Coordinate with and provide the necessary assistance to the Application support for:

  • Planning
  • Testing
  • Implementation


Statistical information collected from the database(s) is tailored for the release level, features implemented, nature of the application requirements and performance requirements as defined by the client. OneAPPS then utilizes a repository of database scripts to acquire information that identifies issues specific to the client requirements.

Red Alert Strategy

OneAPPS has developed the world's most comprehensive alert strategy to ensure that we know about a database problem the instant that it occurs. The ONEAPPS support center will often locate and correct an Oracle problem before your end-users experience a delay or outage.

Different categories alerts are configured as a part of the service.

Database Server Alerts

  • CPU Overload Alert
  • RAM Memory Overload Alert

Oracle Database Alerts (UNIX)

  • Trace and Dump file Alert
  • Alert log message Alert
  • Low free space in archived redo log directory Alert
  • UNIX mount point space Alert
  • Object cannot extend Alert
  • Tablespace > 95% free Alert
  • Object > nnn extents Alert
  • Hot File Reads Alert
  • Hot File Writes Alert
  • Data Buffer Hit Ratio Alert
  • Disk Sorts Alert
  • I/O Wait Alert
  • Buffer Busy Wait Alert
  • Redo Log Space Requests Alert
  • Chained Row Alert Shared Pool Contention Alert
  • Full Table Scan Alert
  • Background Wait Event Alert
  • System Waits Alert
  • Library Cache Misses Alert
  • Database Writer Contention alert
  • Data Dictionary Miss Ratio Alert
  • Data Dictionary Object Alert

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