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We follow a structured proven methodology for migrating your enterprise applications.

Phases of EBiz-x Migration

Phase 1: Health Check & Audit the System
The first activity is Our Health Check and planning process identifies and mitigates complexities and potential bottlenecks early. A review of current business processes and systems environment-combined with our knowledge of the new Release 11i functionality and architecture-facilitates development of an upgrade strategy that will meet your immediate and future needs.

Phase 2: Scope, Platform, Method, Project & Technical Planning

Once the Assessment and Audit is completed OneAPPS experienced Upgrade consultants propose different a stable upgrade approach keeping your business needs.

Phase 3: Test Upgrade/ Testing

The Upgrade Application and Technical Architecture process identifies the changes to the existing information systems architecture as a result of the migration to a new application release. It also redesigns the overall information systems architecture to reflect the new underlying package application architecture.


OneAPPS recommends that at least two to three technical upgrade test Iterations are carried out and the overall plan adjusted in between each. Once they have been completed the journal and subsequent plans can be used to create a very accurate plan for the critical live upgrade.

Phase 4: Functional Testing & Gap Analysis, Acceptance by OneAPPS & Key Users

After the first iteration, key users and functional consultants will complete a gap analysis and carry out extensive testing. Relevant patches are then applied and any customizations that are not covered by 11i's new functionality are redeveloped and applied to the target environment.


Of course most of these processes are done two or three times more and then again on the live migration.

Phase 5: Upgrade Production Environment & Go-Live

The goal of the Production Migration process is to upgrade/ migrate the organization, systems, and people to the new release of Oracle Applications.

Phase 6: Production Support after Go -Live

OneAPPS hand holds the customer after the Go-Live activity by managing the production environment ether onsite or offsite or by a combination of the Onsite/Offsite by adopting it's Managed Services - Global Delivery Model thus reducing the TCO and also delivering the much needed value to the customer. For details on Production support please do refer to the Managed services @ OneAPPS.

OneAPPS offers the customer individual care and attention at every stage of production support. Working with a mixture of both local and remote resource, OneAPPS can fit more hours into the working day, thus making its customers taste the success of your upgrade program more quickly and efficiently.

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