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The value of our Managed Services offering can take on several different types, depending on the size and experience of your company's current support staff. However, all of our clients have several things in common. They receive expert assistance when needed, while we are able to reduce overall support cost. Additional benefits are improved system performance and availability and the assurance that experts are available to troubleshoot problems or shortcut technology issues.

Our clients range from large companies with 40+ Oracle Skilled Employees to SME's with no budget to hire the senior-level expertise that complex Oracle environments require.

Small Oracle environments: are notorious, as they would be under supported not only in the amount of resources dedicated to monitoring and servicing the environment, but also the experience level assigned. These environments are, therefore, susceptible to non-recoverability, inefficiencies and performance issues. Our basic health check and monitoring service can identify and take corrective action before disaster strikes, while also provide cost-effective, on-demand expert staffing and remote monitoring for these environments.

Medium-sized Oracle environments are often confronted with gaps in their delivery capabilities. These gaps can take the form of raw people power or simply a skills gap. Our Managed Services cost-effective subscription model is ideal for handling sporadic service-level peaks, as well as filling periodic specialized skills gaps.

In today's economy, it's likely the workload is heavy and service-level peaks simply cannot be accommodated. A team approach to supporting a group of clients allows ONEAPPS to effectively respond to peak service-level demands with minimal lead time.

Also, in today's ever-changing technology landscape, we all know how difficult (if not impossible) it is for any one individual to know all of the answers. Therefore, skills gaps are quite common within a controlled corporate environment. By virtue of the fact that our Oracle experts work with a broad array of clients and environments, the ONEAPPS team can bring the proper skills into play and manage your Oracle environment.

Large Oracle environments are destined to encounter complexity, accompanied by interesting challenges. In order to manage this type of environment, companies often pursue their need for staffing-level flexibility and skills diversity through a mix of permanent staff, supplemented by individual contractors. However, for a number of reasons, this model may not be the most cost-effective solution.

Our flexible Managed Services and Global Delivery model provides an wide array of services which can be utilized when they are needed. The combination of Offsite/ Onsite Ownership based delivery model reduces the risk element and also dramatically reduces the cost.

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