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We support your users 24/7 whether they are in the office, at home or on the road. We will integrate our branded support services with your IT department. If your organization doesn't have an IT department we will discuss escalations with someone whom you would feel comfortable with.

  • Immediate response when notified of critical problems experienced with departmental computing equipment. Anything that would prevent a client from performing their daily duties would be considered critical. Examples would include a machine that doesn't boot (start up) properly, problems connecting to the network, or problems getting material to print.
  • Respond to non-critical problems by contacting the staff member who is requesting the service and scheduling a time that is convenient for both the user and desktop support to complete the work.
  • Install and support all standard work-related software in use by FUS departments on staff workstations.
  • Serve as a technical resource for desktop configuration and computer related issues within the FUS container.
  • Evaluate and assist in the decision to purchase computer related equipment like scanners, LCD projectors, and the software required for them. FSST may have alternative solutions to the purchase of new equipment and will work with individuals/units to determine if new equipment is necessary.
  • Coordinate user id creation and modification of access rights to computing resources.

Advantages of using OneAPPS for this service:

  • Immediate cost reduction and benefits of one stop solution provide who provides Application Engineering Services / Complete Managed Services and Application Development Services.
  • Unlimited Round the Clock 24/7/365 Professional Support Service through our Global Delivery model
  • Strong Escalation Procedures and robust support Processes
  • Monthly Activity Reports.
  • Flexible model to work with - Add or subtract users on a monthly basis
  • Web-based call tracking system accessible by everyone in the support chain
  • Compilation of "common problems" and solutions for your organization

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