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CVE is a predictive model approach that focuses on individual customers to maximize their lifetime value and to measure the return on investment in their acquisition, growth and retention.
Aiming to become the first choice of the customer, OneAPPS thrives to provide better value than the competition. Managing & Enhancing customer values involves better coordination between Services, prices, customer and employee relationships, marketing communications, and quality assurance to name a few in a strategically coherent and cost effective way. The aim is to provide a superior package in terms of what the customer really wants.

Our CVE Model enables us to

  • ask customers/ Prospects what they're looking for when they do business with vendors
  • Increase customer loyalty by consistently giving your customers the things they value most.
  • determine how our customers rate the value we provide relative to the value provided by our competitors
  • decide what changes on our part will have the greatest positive impact on customers' perception of the relative value of our offering
  • build quality levels that make us stand out from the crowd
  • strengthen our value proposition to drive marketplace success
  • align people and processes in a common focus to deliver more value to customers
  • set meaningful goals and targets for our business process teams
  • design internal measurements to monitor our progress - reinforce what's working and improve what's not
  • always win with customers, with employees and with shareholders

OneAPPS CVE approach is focused on 'what we can do for our customers'. Our success comes from our practical approach in capturing customer needs, measure how well we are satisfying those needs compared to the competition, and build action plans to win in the marketplace. Thus every single customer of OneAPPS gets multiple values and benefits. Our research and experience have shown that if we do this better than the competition, we will win business and reap the rewards in the form of profit and shareholder value.

Customer Value Enhancement (CVE)
Organizational Value Alignment