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Our banking and financial services practice

OneAPPS Consulting is a global On-Demand Talent partner building high-performance teams for the Banking, Financial Technology (FinTech) and Capital markets.

We have supported the growth of extensive technological change over the several years using our deep industry and global talent acquisition expertise to help our clients build top-quality teams across the USA, UK and European region.

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Banking sector

Agile. Trusted.

IT services and solutions to the banking sector for their core systems and modern applications.


FinTech services

Connect with customers.

Our Fintech services help companies reshape customer experience.


Capital Markets

Front, middle and back-office

Supporting the mission-critical applications and the trade life cycle automation.

We are committed to supporting each of our clients’ business objectives


Talented professionals in three continents


Consulting engagements


Locations for delivering services

Banking Sector

Our Banking services offering is an established practice with long standing relationships throughout the Banking and Financial Services Information Technology space.

Some of the areas of expertise that we offer our Client services are

  • Core and Online Banking technologies
  • Financial Messaging – SWIFT Standards
  • Risk & Compliance
  • Cards & Payments technologies
  • Fraud & Risk Management
  • Merchant and Customer Interfaces

FinTech Services

OneAPPS offers practical and sustainable solutions to the Financial Technology (FinTech) industry to improve the delivery and use of financial services to the end users.

Some of the FinTech sectors that we serve and support are

  • lending
  • digital banking
  • mobile banking
  • insurtech
  • smart finance management

Whether you are in a startup in the FinTech world or in a business launching a new application aimed at competing with disruptive technologies, we have a pool of diverse and seriously talented professionals to meet your FinTech talent needs.

Capital Markets

IT for Capital Markets has an unique set of challenges, requiring an in-depth understanding of the Capital Markets business at hand. We understand that.

Our Capital Markets practice represents a dedicated team that focuses on providing the delivery of solutions through incredibly talented pool of consultants either as a project, or statement of work or as an individual contract basis.

We help the buy and sell firms in the below areas

  • Front, middle, and back office technology solutions and related services.
  • Our consultants implement, upgrade, test, and support leading vendor trading platforms, such as Calypso and Murex
  • Developing, maintaining, and testing off-the-shelf and custom applications

Our BFSI services offerings empowers our clients with an unique blend of resources for their projects

Our clients benefit from our vast industry network of professionals, which has been carefully nurtured for several years. From a continual process of extensive market mapping we know exactly who would be suitable and a best fit for your client’s projects.

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