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We’are passionate about connecting great talent with great companies across UK, Europe and North America.

OneAPPS Consulting has the unique market expertise needed to assist clients of all sizes and meet their talent needs for the growing enterprises, no matter how challenging the project is.

Let’s focus on your business needs.

Services Insight

Talent solutions, at your service

Contigent Staffing

Often, our clients’ need to access specific skill sets for special projects or business initiatives. Finding the right talent instantly is always difficult, especially when the specialist skills are in shortage. With our Contingent talent solutions OneAPPS provides instant access to our network of top-notch consultant who are pre-screened and ready to work on your assignments.

As your strategic Flexible workforce Service Provider, we revolutionise your approach to contingent workforce identification, deployment and management.

OneAPPS handles the screening, background checks, manages the complete hiring process and paperwork thus providing turnkey staffing solutions that eliminate the cost and liability of full-time hiring, and leave you free to fulfil your project expectations and profitability goals.


We negotiate a straightforward direct hire service agreement which is open and transparent. Our pricing models are flexible and scalable. We always work to succeed, and we are enormously proud of our capabilities.

Our Team of talent acquisition specialists are highly trained and offer our clients their key skills to recruit, engage and retain the finest talent. All our specialists have proven search, selection, talent acquisition and social recruiting abilities which allows them to find the best consultant for your project.

Talk to us to for further information on how we can provide a cost-efficient solution for your direct hire needs today and in the long-term.

MSP Partnerships

We are a preferred partner for various MSP’s in the Private and Govt sector. We have been selected by MSP’s based on key criteria such as;

  • Sourcing capability
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Cost and Flexibility
  • Service and innovation
  • Global reach and compliance
Data and Analytics

Data and Analytics

Data Analytics
Business Intelligence, SAS, MS BI Stack, Data Architecture & Visualisation
Data Science
AI & Robotics, Machine/ Deep Learning, CC, Computer vision & NLPData

Statistical Programming, Python, SQL, Oracle, Statistical Programming,   Excel, Data Visualization

Informaiton Security

Information Security

Cyber/ Info Security skills
Regulations HIPAA, FISMA, SOX, PCI DSS, GDPR, ISO 27001 and 20000, and COBIT
IAMs/SIEM/Firewall/IDS/IPS Skills
Intrusion Detection/ SDLC – Intrusion Detection/Prevention
Knowledge on APTs & IPS/IDS
Digital Forensics

Network and Telecom

Network and Telecom

Network Infrastructure
Wireless, Wireline, Cloud, SDN, MPLS and OSS/BSS
Unified Comms
Voice, Video, Messaging and Collaboration
Smart Homes, Smart Cities, Industrial IoT and Platforms
Enterprise Mobility
BYOD, BYOA, EMM, Sales, Analysis, Engineering, Support, Security
Data Centre
Infrastructure, Hosting, Virtualisation and Operations



Java, JavaScript, Big Data, Hadoop, Spark, Scala
R, Python/Django, MongoDB, C#
Ruby on Rails,
Node.js, AngularJS, IntelliJ
Github, Eclipse, Git, SVN
Mercurial, Jira, Jenkins, Hudson


ERP, SaaS and PaaS

ERP: Oracle, SAP, SAP Cloud Platform
Microsoft – Technology-specific Knowledge
SaaS: ServiceNow, Infor, Workday
Salesforce, Lightning Platform
Google App Engine, AWS Lambda
AWS Elastic Beanstalk
PaaS – AWS, Microsoft Azure, GCP

Project and Programme
  • Transformation
  • Technology/Business consulting
  • Program management
  • Project Management
  • PMO
  • Change management and support

We look forward to doing great things with you anywhere in the world.

Our Recruiting Process

How we recruit top talent.

It all starts by listening intently to your needs.

Our client partners are well versed with each of our client’s work culture, business units, projects, and hiring needs.

Client partners at OneAPPS engage in proactive conversations with our client’s hiring managers on a regular basis to understand the talent strategy and to determine the details for each position such as role description, expected deliverables, project timeline, etc. to ensure we deliver the right fit.

Benefits for Client

  • Clear understanding of the client requirement
  • Create a well-defined hiring criterion to get the best talent for the position
  • Transfer the understanding to the sourcing and recruitment teams at OneAPPS

Benefits for the consultants

  • This activity ensures that our consultants have a clear purpose and planned goals for the position when they join, removing any ambiguity on where they fit within wider business objectives.

The way in which we source the candidates is multi-faceted; primarily, as a company that has over 12 years’ experience in the IT workforce solutions market, we have extensive and active database of consultants with whom we have built a relationship of trust over many years.

In addition to this, we have access to myriad recruitment channels like social media, job portals (private and Govt) and referrals as a source of talent attraction to help build upon an already high volume of job seekers.

The best matched consultants will be made available for the position thus providing options for the client to select suitable talent.

The process of screening and qualifying consists of reviewing resumes, conducting interviews, e-meeting with consultants and comparing the qualities and abilities that are needed for the position.

 As a standard process, we incorporate our client’s skills expectation, client managers input, and industry knowledge to qualify and present the best-suited consultant for the position

Client benefits:

  • Our recruitment specialists ensure that our clients will get to review the right professional who meets their expectations. We often, tailor the hiring and qualifying process to suit our client’s needs. We have placed hundreds of talented professionals with satisfied clients.
  • After client confirmation, take care of all vetting activities including reference checks, background checks, drug screens, E-Verify screening, tax compliance, payroll, etc. as needed.

Consultant benefits:

  • AI and a video interviews are better able to identify promising talent than a traditional interview. Modern tools and technologies used by us enhances the experiences for our consultants throughout the process.

Welcome the new rising star.

  • Complete the on-boarding process and make sure that tools, equipment, and project is allocated
  • periodically check in with each of our consultants to provide them with client feedback and offer any support if needed
  • assist in the client project journey and manage the work schedule approvals, time-sheets and payments

Process improvement for us and benefits to client:

  • We regularly measure and analyse whether we have met the client expectations and consider both client and consultant feedback to improve our delivery.
  • Client engages the consultant in their project and deliver business goals

 Benefits to the consultant:

  • Our client partners and support team will always be in regular touch with our consultants to assist and support if they face any issues during an engagement.